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Current beef production characteristics in Mubi, Adamawa State, Nigeria

H.I. Kubkomawa, O.M. Kenneth-Chukwu, J.L. Krumah


The objective of the study was to survey the current beef production characteristics in Mubi, Adamawa State, Nigeria in order to adopt new modern technologies for quality output. One hundred (100) beef producers were randomly selected for interviews and discussion on beef production characteristics. Data generated were subjected to descriptive statistics to explain the trend of beef production characteristics in the study area. Beef are produced in the area majorly by pastoralism (75%), home fattening (15%) and government institutions (10%). Therefore, beef production in the study area and Nigeria, in general, is predominantly controlled by pastoralists who still use traditional methods with little or no modern technologies. As such the producers and the end consumers do not get the desired value for their efforts. It is recommended that, since beef production is not isolated from national and international political and socio-economic policies, the interactions between the producers and broader sectors should be taken into consideration in order to generate holistic and reliable data that would inform effective interventions.

Keywords: Cattle, Fattening, Characteristics, Mubi, Nigeria

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