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Nutritional composition and secondary metabolites of some selected forages consumed by small ruminants

B.J. Adebayo, O.A. Isah, L.A. Omoniyi


This study was conducted to investigate the nutritive values and secondary metabolites of some selected forage species (Diallium guinensis, Calopogonium mucunoides and Terminalia catappa) consumed by small ruminants. Results obtained showed significant (P < .05) variability in the values of Dry matter (77.56 – 84.53g/100g) in Terminalia catappa and Diallium guinensis, Moisture content (15.64 – 21.48 g/100g) in Diallium guinensis and Terminalia catappa, Crude protein (13.57 – 16.63 g/100g) in Terminalia catappa and Calopogonium mucunoides and Ash (4.51 – 7.16 g/100g) in Terminalia catappa and Calopogonium mucunoides respectively. Diallium guinensis had highest (4.10%) oxalate value while the least (P < .05) was noticed in Terminalia catappa (1.97%). Calopogonium mucunoides recorded highest NDF, ADF, ADL, Cellulose and hemicellulose (59.41, 45.38, 20.48, 24.9 and 14.03%) respectively among the selected forages. NDF ranged from 41.22% in Terminalia catappa to 53.69% in Diallium guinensis. This study showed that selected forage species are rich in the nutrient contents and have tolerable secondary metabolites which could be used as supplements to grasses during the raining and dry seasons to enhance the efficiency of small ruminant performance throughout the year.

Keywords: Nutritional composition; secondary metabolites, forages, small ruminants

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