Proximate composition, mineral elements and phytochemical contents of seed powder and extract of Picralima nitida as a phyto-additive in poultry diets

  • M.A. Haruna
  • A.A. Odunsi
Keywords: Picralima nitida, Proximate, Minerals, Phyto chemicals and Extraction


The phytochemical, proximate and mineral compositions of seed powder and aqueous extract of Picralima nitida as a medicinal plant was investigated. Picralima nitida pods were sourced from Ago Owu Farm Settlement, Ikoyi, Osun State, Nigeria, broken to remove the seeds which were processed into powder form and subsequently extracted using aqueous solution. The percentage yield after extraction was 27.25%. Proximate composition (%) of Picralima nitida seed powder (PnSP) and aqueous Picralima nitida Seed Extract (PnSE) were: crude protein (13.92±5.23% and 16.44±4.13%), ether extract (7.13±1.42% and 2.08±0.15%), crude fibre (7.15±4.26% and 15.00±0.18%), ash (6.82±3.74% and 4.97±0.06%), nitrogen free extract (58.09±5.27% and 51.70±2.82%) respectively. The seed powder and extract of P. nitida showed good contents of macro and micro elements. The seed powder had higher contents of most mineral elements except manganese (4.25±0.45 mg/kg), molybdenum (0.03±0.00 mg/kg) and sulphur (0.04±0.00 mg/kg) which were higher in PnSE. Saponin (267.11±4.37 mg/100g), tannin (6.84±0.41 mg/100g), flavonoid (5.47±0.84 mg/100g), alkaloid (295.19±2.80 mg/100g) and oxalate (124.35±3.78 mg/100g) were highest in PnSE compared to the PnSP. It could be concluded that Picralima nitida has adequate nutrients, minerals and bioactive secondary metabolites that could be exploited for use as a phyto-additive in poultry diets.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1119-4308