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Impact Assessment of Nomadic Education Extension Programme on Nomadic Pastoralists and Traditional Livestock Production in Kaduna State

M Bello, JO Bawa, R Umar


A study was conducted to assess the impact of Nomadic Education Commission’s Extension Programme (NEEP) on Nomadic Pastoralists and their livestock production system in Kaduna state. Structured questionnaire and personal interview were used to collect data from 84 randomly selected pastoralist’s households. Data collected from the study were analyzed using descriptive statistics. The result showed that NEEP had positive impact on the Nomadic Pastoralists and their livestock production system. All the Pastoralists (100%) vaccinated their animals annually, 88% practiced feed supplementation and 100% of the Pastoralist communities formed cooperative societies out of which 68% were registered and had made some achievements in areas of self-help project execution, unity among members, management of Habbana’e animals (small ruminants), running of local cattle upgrading programme and enrolment of members in elearning centers. These achievements improved the Pastoralists’ production system, their earnings and marketing skills towards transformation of the traditional system of livestock production to satisfy the nation demand for meat and dairy products. It was concluded that the NEEP had positive impact on the Pastoralists who gained knowledge and were actively involved in livestock related income generating skills through cooperative society formation and management.

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