The Fin Fish Assemblage of Lower Ogun river, Akomoje Ogun state Nigeria

  • FI Adeosun
Keywords: Fin Fish, Check list, Ogun River.


The fin fish assemblage of lower Ogun river was investigated, which comprised a total of 34 species belonging to 13 families. Chrysicthys nigrodigitatus was most abundant and highest in biomass (55,491.21kg) accounting for 27.58% of the catch. Gnatonemus senegalenses, Gnatonemus cyprinoides, Synodontis nigrita, Marcusenius psittacus and Malapterurus electricus were the least in number, while Phago loricatus was least in biomass (32.03kg) accounting for 0.02%. The major aim was to assess the fish resources of the lower Ogun River and evaluate the water parameters as related to fish production. Data on fish species were collected, using multi-fleet gillnet sampling techniques between May and October 2012. Three sampling stations were randomly selected for the investigation of the fin fish assemblage and abundance. No significant difference was observed in dissolved oxygen, nitrogen, phosphate, water temperature, conductivity, alkalinity, total dissolved solid and pH range values in the river. The water quality parameters were favourable for fish production. Water level and temperature were observed to guarantee high yield in Ogun River.

Keywords: Fin Fish, Check list, Ogun River.


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eISSN: 1119-4308