Nutritional factors in some fodder legume trees and shrubs

  • IE Ezeagu
  • AO Akinsoyinu
  • G Tarawali
Keywords: nutritional factors, fodder, legumes, trees, shrubs,


Proximate composition, macro- and micro-minerals, polyphenols, oxalates contents and trypsin inhibitor activity of leaves of 20 forage legume trees and shrubs were determined. The dried leaves contained 11.52 - 29.26 g/100g (d.w.b) protein and 8.15- 23.37 g/100g crude fibre. High levels of Ca were observed in most of the species. Except for Acacia nilotica, Lonchocarpus sericeus and Pterocarpus osun, Albizia zygia and Parkia biglobosa, considered high in polyphenols, all the species seems to represent potential sources of ruminant feed and leaf protein concentrate. The nutritional significance of some of the antinutritional factors was briefly highlighted.

Key words: nutritional factors, fodder, legumes, trees, shrubs,


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eISSN: 1119-4308