Published: 2020-07-03

Performance indices of four crossbred broiler chickens intensively managed in South West, Nigeria

A.J. Sanda, S.V. Adebayo, A.S. Adenaike, M. Wheto, S.O. Durosaro, O. Olowofeso


Effects of feeding diluted diets on growth performance and morpho-metric body parameters of exotic and improved local chicks.

F.E. Sola-Ojo, K.L. Ayorinde, B.O. Ifedayo-Ojo, R.O. Adeniji, D.I. Ibiwoye, I.A. Abubakar


Characterization of indigenous cattle genotypes based on blood parameters in the humid tropics

R.J. Nosike, O.F. Nwakpu, R.N. Nwose, U.C. Isaac, K.L. Akinsola, C.C. Nwachukwu, J. Nathaniel, C.C. Nwaokoro, D.N. Onunkwo


Association of Ovocleidin-116 Polymorphisms with Egg Quality Traits of Nigerian Heavy Local Chicken Ecotype Reared in Derived Savannah

N.E. Ikeh, H.M. Ndofor-Foleng , N.W. Nnajiofor, F.U. Udeh , M.A. Egom, B.C. Amaefule, V.C. Udeh


Prevalence of ecto-parasitic infestation of dogs (canine) in Jalingo

D.D. Kontan, I. Patience, D. Josiah, A. Umar, D.I. Iwan, H.M. Bello, A. Maiwada, I.S. Baya, D. Adams


Nutritive value of palm oil sludge and its influence on fat composition and deposition in grower pigs

O.A Adebiyi, U.T. Oboli , I.O. Adejumo, O.A. Osinowo , Martha Olumide, A.T. Adeshola


Effects of inclusion of fermented cafeteria food leftover with commercial feed on production performance of Sasso T44 dual-purpose chickens

A. Lamesgin, B. Addis , B. Abrha, B. Gebremedhin, G. Berihu , K. Niraj , G. Hagos , T. Abreha , R. Merhawit