Prevalence of ecto-parasitic infestation of dogs (canine) in Jalingo

  • D.D. Kontan
  • I. Patience
  • D. Josiah
  • A. Umar
  • D.I. Iwan
  • H.M. Bello
  • A. Maiwada
  • I.S. Baya
  • D. Adams
Keywords: Ecto-parasite, dogs, infestation


A study was conducted to investigate the prevalence of ecto-parasites on dogs, data were extracted from veterinary hospital treatment record book Jalingo and was analyzed for five (2014-2018) years respectively. The analyzed results showed that the infestation was highest in the year 2015 with 291(97.0%) followed by that of 2018 with 191(95.0%). In regards to age infestation, 700(90.6%) and 550(91.7%) for adults and young dogs respectively. However, it may suggest that the pet owners might have taken severe measures by treating their animals with acaricidal drugs hence the fluctuation in the infestation rate. It is evidence that the number of dogs examined was 1373 with a prevalence rate of 1250(91.0%) of the dogs affected with the ecto-parasite. Therefore, the dogs in Jalingo Local Government area harbor ecto-parasites on their bodies, all affected canine (dogs) should be isolated, culled and quarantine from the company of other dogs because treated dogs tend to come in contact with the carries of the disease for life and are capable of transmitting the disease to other healthy dogs within the house.

Keywords: Ecto-parasite, dogs, infestation.


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eISSN: 1119-4308