A tree girdling beetle in Korogwe District: its potential risk to Eucalyptus plantations and woodlots in Tanzania

  • P J Lyimo
Keywords: Insect pest, Girdling, Eucalyptus, Forest, Plantation, Paranaleptes reticulata


A study was conducted to identify and
assess damage of an insect pest girdling
young Eucalypts in Korogwe Forest
Plantation, Tanga. Purposive sampling was
employed to establish 10 plots of 10m by
10m. A total of 90 trees were sampled.
Insect pest specimens were collected and
girdled trees counted in each plot. The
insect pest specimens were identified using
reference resources at the Department of
Ecosystems and Conservation, SUA. The
mean number of girdled stems was
computed. Results showed that the girdling
insect pest was Paranaleptes reticulata.
The pest was girdling Eucalyptus
camaldulensis and E. terecticornis. It was
found girdling up to 150 stems/ha of
Eucalyptus stems. Removal and burning of
girdled branches material especially dry
ones keeps in check the population density
of P. reticulata below economic injury
level. The pest is a potential risk to
Eucalyptus plantations and woodlots in
Tanzania. Therefore, there is a need of
immediate interventions to control P.

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