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Effects of Different Pre-Sowing Treatments on Germination of Pericopsis angolensis Seeds of Tabora Miombo Woodlands, Tanzania

Y.S. Mbailwa
S.A.O. Chamshama
B.A. Mwendwa
J.N. Mwambusi


Pericopsis angolensis species survival is reported to be low in nurseries. Given the high dormancy tendency of Legume family, it is speculated that, pre-sowing treatment of Perocopsis angolensis seeds may result in improved germinability. Different attempts of breaking the dormancy to enhance germination have been done. However, the difference in environmental conditions - soil pH, temperature, and water availability - which parental plants experienced during their growth and seed maturation, have an impact on seed germination patterns. This study assessed the effects of pretreatments (soaking in cold and boiling water at different time intervals) on the germination of Pericopsis angolensis seeds collected in Tabora, Tanzania. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) was done to show differences in seed germination parameters under different pretreatments. Results show that, there was significant (P<0.001) difference in germination parameters between the control and pretreated seeds except for the Mean Germination Time (P>0.05). The highest Germination Value, Germination Percent and Germination Capacity were found under control. The findings prove that pretreating Pericopsis angolensis seeds by soaking in cold and hot water have no additional effect on germination. Thus, the study suggests that the restoration of the forests using Pericopsis angolensis species can be achieved even without seed pretreatments.

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