Contraceptive convenience with a price - a case of missing implants (Implanon) in a 30 year old woman - a case report.

  • B Babatola
  • O Olalekan
  • A Opeyemi
Keywords: Contraceptives, Missing Implanon.


Background: Advances in contraception has resulted in the development of a long acting reversible contraceptive implants which is user friendly, with good contraceptive effectiveness . This contraceptive advantage however has promote the question: has “convenience” come at a price? with the recent findings that it may be lost in the bodies of hundreds of women, raising fears and concern for their future fertility.
Case: A case of non – palpable Implanon 3 -years after insertion with difficulty at removal at the family planning clinic was presented. Ultrasonograghic identification and localisation was done with subsequent removal under general anaesthesia.
Conclusion: Despite the fact that Implanon insertion appears to be an easy procedure, but in a small minority of cases difficulties have been encountered with removal if the rod is impalpable. All health professionals inserting and removing contraceptive implants should have been appropriately trained, frequent and regular palpation during follow up of clients after insertion is also advocated.

Keywords: Contraceptives, Missing Implanon.


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eISSN: 0189-5117