A 2-decade review of histopathological pattern of endometrial samples at a referral centre in northern Nigeria

  • I.U Takai
  • M Bukar
  • A.A Mayun
  • B.M Audu
  • A Aisha
Keywords: endometrial samples, histopathological pattern, Maiduguri


Background: Endometrial biopsy is a commonly performed procedure with a wide range of possible histopathological diagnoses.
Objective: To determine the clinical spectrum, frequency and age distribution of endometrial pathologies at the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital (UMTH), Maiduguri.
Methods: This was a 20 year retrospective review of all histologically analysed endometrial samplesin the histopathology Department of the UMTH, Maiduguri, from January, 1989 to December, 2008 inclusive.
Results: A total of 801 endometrial biopsies were reviewed during the study period. The age ranged from 14- 75 years with a mean of 32.5 years ± SD 10.4 years. The results showed that most (41.7%) of the patients were in their3rd decade of life. Simple endometrial hyperplasia was the leading histopathological diagnosis accounting for 56.2%, followed by retained products of conception representing 10.2%. Malignant conditions were diagnosed in 62 patients (7.7%), of which the most common was choriocarcinoma (3.8%), while endometrial cancer was found in 1.5%.
Conclusion: The commonest histopathological diagnosis of endometrial samples in UMTH is simple endometrial hyperplasia. Careful treatment and follow up of women with endometrial hyperplasia is essential. Regular audit of endometrial samples as a follow up to this review is recommended.

Key words: endometrial samples,histopathological pattern, Maiduguri


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