Caesarean section in a primigravida with spina bifida occulta and a spinal cord stimulator: Preconception counselling, antenatal care and anesthetic considerations

  • Hadijat O. Raji
  • Zakari A. Suleiman
  • Zainab A. Abdulkadir
  • Aminudeen Abdulrahman
Keywords: Antenatal management, caesarean delivery, preconception care, spina bifida, spinal cord stimulator


Recent developments in medical and surgical subspecialties have contributed to improved quality of life in patients with spina bifida (SB). Despite the challenges of chronic pain, spinal abnormality, gait abnormalities, loss of urinary, and fecal continence, female patients can become pregnant. Provision of obstetrics and/or surgical care to patients with SB may become more common as more patients survive to adulthood. Preconception counseling, antenatal care, obstetrics, and other specialized care are essential components of optimal management of these patients. We report the obstetric and anesthetic challenges encountered in a primigravida with SB occulta and a spinal cord stimulator who had caesarean delivery. Effective communication between the patient, obstetricians, and anesthetists, as well as planned and coordinated care, ensured a successful feto‑maternal outcome.

Keywords: Antenatal management; caesarean delivery; preconception care; spina bifida; spinal cord stimulator


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eISSN: 0189-5117