Maternal determinants of estimated fetal weight (EFW) at mid-pregnancy

  • Idowu A. Taiwo
  • Kehinde T. Bamgbopa
  • Ottun A. Micheal
  • Faye Iketubosin
  • Olufemi A. Oloyede
Keywords: Correlation, fetal, maternal, regression, ultrasound scan


Background: Assessmentof fetal biometry is a vital component of prenatal care in many parts of the world.

Objective: To assess correlation between some maternal variables and fetal weight estimated from mid-pregnancy ultrasound biometric data with a view to identifying significant maternal predictors of fetal weight in a sample of Nigerian women.

Methods: A prospective study involving 87 pregnant women scanned at 18-23 weeks of pregnancy was carried out. The fetal measurements were head circumference (HC), abdominal circumference, femur length, and biparietal diameterwhile the maternal variables were age, parity, height, weight and BMI.

Results: Maternal weight and BMI were the most correlated variables (r = 0.92; P < 0.001). The significant correlation between maternal age and weight (r = 0.28; P < 0.01) and between maternal age and BMI (r = 0.30; P < 0.01), onsimple correlation,vanished with partial correlation (P > 0.05). In contrast, significant correlation which was not observed between estimated fetal weight (EFW) and maternal weight (r = -0.06; P > 0.05); EFW and maternal height (r = 0.03; >0.05); and between EFW and BMI appeared with partial correlation (P < 0.05). Multiple regression analysis gave statistically significant models (ANOVA: F = 22.2; P < 0.01).

Conclusion: Maternal height, weight, parity, BMI, and estimated gestational age at scan (EGA) are significant predictors or determinants of EFW.

Keywords: Correlation; fetal; maternal; regression; ultrasound scan


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eISSN: 0189-5117