Vaginal birth after laparoscopic management of heterotopic pregnancy at the Douala general hospital, Cameroon: A case report

  • Thomas O. Egbe
  • Theophile Nana‑Njamen
  • Henri Esome
  • George E. Enow‑Orock


Heterotopic pregnancy is the simultaneous presence of an intrauterine and ectopic pregnancy. The prevalence of the condition is unknown in Cameroon. We report a case of heterotopic pregnancy managed by laparoscopy. MS a 33‑year‑old G2P0010 woman was admitted to our department because of 7 2/7 weeks’ amenorrhea, mild vaginal bleeding, and severe lower abdominal pain. She has a 6 years’ history of secondary infertility, one induced abortion, and chlamydia infection treated with doxycycline. Furthermore, she has a history of left laparoscopic salpingotomy for tubo‑ovarian abscess. She became pregnant after receiving clomiphene citrate and timed intercourse. Her beta hCG assay was 97000 mIU/mL and transvaginal sonography confirmed ruptured heterotopic pregnancy. She underwent laparoscopic left salpingectomy and the intrauterine pregnancy evolved normally and she gave birth to a healthy female that weighed 3050 g at 38 5/7 weeks gestation. The diagnosis of heterotopic pregnancy needs a high index of suspicion. Laparoscopic treatment of heterotopic pregnancy needs to become widespread in Cameroon.

Key words: Heterotopic pregnancy; laparoscopic salpingectomy; transvaginal sonography; vaginal birth.


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eISSN: 0189-5117