Childhood and Adolescent Reproductive Tract Tumours in Zaria

  • SH Umar
  • A Mohammed
Keywords: Adolescent, Tumours, Reproductive Tract, Cancer


Introduction/Context: Reproductive tract tumours are said to be rare in adolescents and children and the malignant variety are particularly rare. Their rarity however may lead to problems as the diagnosis may not be considered and individual clinicians may have insufficient experience to ensure appropriate treatment.
Objective: To determine the incidence of reproductive tract tumours amongst adolescents and children in Zaria.
Methods: The histopathology reports of all reproductive tract tumours in adolescents and children between January 1995 and December 2004 were retrieved. Information on age, presence of reproductive tract tumour,,and histological diagnosis were analyzed..
Results: The total number of reproductive tract tumours seen in this period from all age groups was 527. Tumours from adolescents and children accounted for 7.6% (40). Benign tumours made up 55% (22) while malignant tumours accounted for 45% (18).The most common tumours were the teratomas (Mature 9, Immature 2) and hydatidiform mole, constituting 27.5% (11) each. Age groups incidence; 16 19yrs 62.5% (25), 11 15yrs 25.0% (10) 6 10yrs 10% (4), and 0 -5yrs 2.5% (1).
Conclusion: Reproductive tract tumours among adolescents and children are not as rare as previously thought and with a high index of suspicion these tumours can be detected early and prompt treatment instituted.

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eISSN: 0189-5117