Comparative Evaluation of Ultrasonography and Intravenous Urogram in Detecting Ureteric Obstruction in Cervical Cancer Staging

  • HS Opare-Addo
  • AO Adeyinka
  • OK Wusu-Ansah
Keywords: Renal Ultrasonography, Intravenous Urogram, Cervical Cancer Staging, Ureteric Obstruction, Hydronephrosis,


Background: Renal ultrasonography an easily available procedure was compared to intravenous urogram (IVU) to determine its suitability as an alternative to the latter, which is a relatively invasive test for demonstrating hydronephrosis/ or ureteric obstruction in cervical cancer staging.
Study design: Thirty five histologically confirmed cervical cancer patients had intravenous urogram carried out to determine ureteric obstruction for routine cervical cancer staging. Each subject also had renal ultrasonography (USG) done within 24 72 hours after the intravenous urogram without prior
knowledge of the IVU report.
Results: 70 kidneys were studied. No statistical significant difference was found between IVU and USG in the two methods of identifying ureteric obstruction in cervical cancer staging using the chi square test. Chi square of 0.17 and p-value of 0.68. Percentage of agreement was 97.1%
Conclusions: Renal ultrasonograhy is a suitable alternative method of demonstrating ureteric obstruction in cervical cancer staging. It should be included as one of the permissible examinations for cervical cancer staging.

Keywords: Renal Ultrasonography; Intravenous Urogram; Cervical Cancer Staging; Ureteric Obstruction, Hydronephrosis;


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