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Prostaglandin levels and semen quality in male partners of infertile couples in Ile-Ife, Nigeria

BO Emma-Okon
OB Fasubaa
RA Togun
JB Fakunle
A Awoniyi
T Adediran


Objective: To provide data on semen prostaglandins in Nigerian men and relate this to fertility potential as provided by semen analysis results.
Design: Prospective study
Setting: Infertility Clinic of Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospitals Complex, Ile-Ife, Nigeria
Subjects: All male partners of infertile couples who reported for male factor test at the clinic and agreed to be part of the study by completing informed consent forms.
Results: The study revealed a high percentage of men with sub-normal semen .Range of PGF2a in the subjects was 0.15-11.05ƒÊg/ml with a mean of 2.77} 0.23 ƒÊg/ml while that of PGE was 21.8- 652.0 ƒÊg/ml
with a mean of 248.79} 13.88 ƒÊg/ml. Among men with normal semen profile, mean PGF2a and PGE levels are 2.1} 0.32 ƒÊg/ml and 325.1} 28.3 ƒÊg/ml respectively while that in semen of men with subnormal semen are 3.0} 0.28 ƒÊg/ml and 225.1 } 15.1ƒÊg/ml respectively. Despite the wide range of PG values in all the groups, significant differences(P<0.05) were found to exist between the PG values of men in the normal and sub normal semen groups. Significant differences were also found when they
were grouped according to sperm count alone. However, differences observed when in the grouping according to other individual semen characteristics are not significant.
Conclusion: The wide range of PG values obtained in all the groups make it difficult to make far reaching conclusions as to the relationship between PG levels and semen quality. Further research is desirable in establishing the role of PGs in sperm function.

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