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Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) Survey of Osteoporosis among Students of a Tertiary Institution in Malaysia

YH Khan, A Sarriff, AH Khan, TH Mallhi


Purpose: To evaluate knowledge and perceptions of osteoporosis among university students in Malaysia belonging to different age groups, gender and ethnicity.
Methods: Using convenience sampling method, current study was conducted among students of University Sains Malaysia (USM), Pulau Penang, Malaysia. A pre-validated self- administered questionnaire was used to carry out the study.
Results: The mean age of the participants was 24.61 ± 5.51 years. A majority, 401 (87 %), identified osteoporosis correctly as a disease that makes bones weak and fragile. Lack of milk and dairy products were identified by majority of participants (74 %) as a risk factor for  osteoporosis while being petite (24 %) and family history (34.5 %) were the least identified risk factors. Female showed statistically higher knowledge score than males (243.89 versus 216.12, p = 0.02). Ethnicity (Malay: 228.32, Chinese: 264.46, Indian: 194.04, Others: 236.94, p = 0.00) and type of education (Hybrid: 225.99, Arts: 182.21, Science: 286.23, p = 0.00) were factors that correlated significantly with knowledge and perceptions of osteoporosis.
Conclusion: This study demonstrates an urgent need for the  implementation of educational and awareness programs for university students belonging to various age groups. Such programs should be designed on the basis of the parameters of health belief model.

Keywords: Attitude, Bones, Knowledge, Osteoporosis, Practice, University students.
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