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Anti-Ulcerative Potential of <i>Punica granatum</i> L (Lythraceae) Hydroalcohol Fruit Peel Extract

G Moghaddam
M Sharifzadeh
G Hassanzadeh
M Khanavi
F Dolatshahi
N Sadeghi
MR Oveisi
M Hajimahmoodi


Purpose: To evaluate the antiulcer activities of the methanol extract of pomegranate (Punica granatum L) fruit peel using 80 % ethanol-induced gastric ulcer model in rats.
Methods: Male Wistar rats, 175 - 220 g, were fasted for 48 h, but had free access to water. They were randomly divided into nine experimental groups. Ulcer was induced in the rats with 80 % ethanol. The control group animals received the same treatment as those in the test groups except that the extract treatment was replaced by administration of appropriate volume of the dosing vehicle. Histaminereceptor type-2 (H2) blocker, cimetidine (100 mg/kg, i.p.) was used as the reference drug. Oral pretreatment with three different extract doses (25, 50 and 100 mg/kg) was for 15 days, thereafter, ulcer index (UI) and inhibition were calculated.
Results: The extract, at 50 mg/kg, of black fruit peel extract produced significant (p < 0.05) protective effect in rats with a preventive index of 65.87 %. Other doses were significantly protective against ethanol-induced gastric ulcer in the rats. On the other hand, north white peel was not effective (50 mg/kg) showed an ulcer index of 49.52 ± 1.99. Histopathological examination of the stomach of the ulcerated animals treated with white peel (50 mg/kg) showed severe erosion of gastric mucosa, submucosal edema and neutrophil infiltration.
Conclusion: The study shows indicates the antiulcer properties of the methanol extracts of north white peel, sour summer and black peel (25, 50, 100 mg/kg) of pomegranate. Their antiulcer activity is exerted, possibly, via its high antioxidant activity.

Keywords: Anti-inflammatory, Pomegranate, Punica granatum, Peel extract

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