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Influence of Extraction Parameters on Hydroalcohol Extracts of the Stem Bark of Rapanea ferruginea Mez Using Myrsinoic Acid B as Marker

T Baccarin, RA Ferreira, VF Gazoni, RA Yunes, A Malheiros, RM Lucinda-Silva


Purpose: To evaluate the influence of extraction parameters on standardization of hydroalcoholic extract of Rapanea ferruginea Mez.
Methods: A 33 factorial design was used to evaluate the influence of alcohol concentration (50, 70 and 90 % v/v), extraction time (2, 6 and 10 h), and particle size of the herbal drug (0.25, 0.5 and 1.0 mm) on the pH, dry residue and myrsinoic acid B (MAB) content of hydroalcoholic extracts by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) method.
Results: For the extracts, there was inverse correlation between dry residue and MAB content (p < 0.8046). The parameter that had the greatest influence on extraction process was alcohol concentration (p < 0.007) followed by particle size (p < 0.046). However, extraction time did not influence the process in terms of MAB (p < 0.675). Although, the highest MAB content was obtained with 70 % v/v alcohol and extraction time of 6 h, the best methodology for extractive preparation was the use of 90 % v/v alcohol and extraction time of 2 h because it resulted in a higher yield of MAB per solution volume, i.e,, with regard to MAB content and mass yield.
Conclusion: The results indicate that 90 % v/v alcohol and extraction time of 2 h have optimum influence on extraction process and were the best conditions for obtaining a standardized extract of R. ferruginea, using the method employed in this study. Thus, the findings of this study are a contribution to the development of a new phytopharmaceutical intermediate product.

Keywords: Rapanea ferruginea, Hydroalcoholic extract, Myrsinoic acid B, Phytopharmaceutical, Factorial desing, Standardization
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