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<i>In vivo</i> Evaluation of a Cosmetic Emulsion Containing Soybean Extract for Anti-Aging

MK Waqas
N Akhtar
A Rasul
SU Rashid
R Mustafa
BA Khan
G Murtaza


Purpose: To develop and assess the anti-aging potential of a cosmetic W/O emulsion containing an extract of soybean, Glycine max (L.) Merr. Fabaceae.
Methods: This single-blind placebo-controlled study was performed in 11 healthy male human volunteers. A formulation comprising of 4 % of concentrated extract of soybean was prepared by loading the extract in the internal aqueous phase of the emulsion. A control (base), consisting of the
emulsion without the extract, was also prepared. Both formulations were applied to the cheeks of all volunteers for 12 weeks and their effect on different skin parameters, i.e., moisture contents, elasticity and surface evaluation of living skin (SELS) were assessed.
Results: The formulation containing 4 % soybean extract showed significant (p ≤ 0.05) effects on skin elasticity and moisture contents but the base showed insignificant effect (p ≤ 0.05). There was significant (p . 0.05) decline in SELS, i.e., SEsc (skin scaliness, from 1.73 } 0.05 to 1.66 } 0.06), SEw (skin wrinkles, from 71.74 ± 1.52 to 68.51 ± 1.64), SEsm (skin smoothness, from 109.01 ± 4.77 to 102.03 ± 4.23), and SEr (skin roughness, from 4.04 ±0.09 to 3.82± 0.08) parameters after application
of the extract formulation for 12 weeks.
Conclusion: Topical application of the cosmetic emulsion containing soybean extract exerts potential skin anti-aging effects.

Keywords: Glycine max, Soybean, Anti-aging, Skin elasticity, Cosmetic emulsion, Surface evaluation of living skin (SELS), Skin moisture content

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