Patients Comprehension of Pharmaceutical Package Inserts Information in Karachi, Pakistan

  • Najia Rahim
  • Kiran Rafiq
  • Wajiha Iffat
  • Shagufta Nesar
  • Sadia Shakeel
Keywords: Patients, Pharmaceutical package inserts, Awareness, Safe use of medicines


Purpose: To investigate the knowledge and attitude of outpatients regarding pharmaceutical package inserts (PPIs) in Karachi, Pakistan.

Methods: The study design was cross-sectional and conducted from August to December 2013. A previously validated questionnaire was adopted, modified and revalidated. Outpatients were asked to respond to the questionnaire.

Results: A total of 456 patients responded to the questionnaire. The patients (n = 226, 49 %) were found to be keen on reading inserts in their mother language. Among the study population, 24.1 % (n = 110) of respondents faced problem in reading and 29.8 % (n = 136) in understanding inserts. There was general awareness of the essential components of package inserts and 78.3 % (n = 357) of patients opted for further improvement in PPIs of drugs available in Pakistan. Chi square test revealed that educational status of patients was significantly associated with all of the items of the questionnaire (p < 0.05).

Conclusion: The current status of PPIs of drugs available in local markets in Pakistan does not satisfy the patients’ criteria and, therefore, needs improvement. The findings of this study provide a direction necessary to overcome problems related to PPIs and hence promote safe and effective use of medicines.

Keywords: Patients, Pharmaceutical package inserts, Awareness, Patients, Safe use of medicines


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