Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research

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Phytochemical and Pharmacological Properties of the Genus Melodinus – A Review

Jin-He Jiang, Wu-Di Zhang, Ye-Gao Chen


Melodinus is an important genus comprising of approximately 53 species of medicinal plants (Apocynaceae). Some species have been used in Chinese folk medicine for the treatment of meningitis in children, rheumatic heart diseases, and diuresis, as well as a decongestive against migraine and sinusitis. This paper is a review of the literature up to May 2015 and describes 263 compounds from 69 articles, and includes chemical constituents isolated from Melodinus, mainly indole alkaloids, quinoline alkaloids, dimeric alkaloids, terpenoids and other compounds. It is also hoped that an overview of their cytotoxic characteristics will further the development of new anti-cancer agents.

Keywords: Melodinus, Indole alkaloids, Dimeric alkaloids, Cytotoxicity, Medicinal plants
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