Chemical Composition and Antimicrobial Activity of Geniosporum rotundifolium Briq and Haumaniastrum villosum (Bene) AJ Paton (Lamiaceae) Essential Oils from Tanzania

  • Olipa D. Ngassapa
  • Deborah K.B. Runyoro
  • Konstantinos Vagionas
  • Konstantia Graikou
  • Ioanna B. Chinou
Keywords: Geniosporum rotundifolium, Haumaniastrum villosum, Essential oils, Chemical composition, Antimicrobial activity


Purpose: To determine the chemical composition and antimicrobial potential of essential oils from two aromatic plants of Tanzania, Geniosporum rotundifolium Briq. and Haumaniastrum villosum (Benè) A.J. Paton (Lamiaceae).

Method: Essential oils from the aerial parts of the plants were extracted by hydro-distillation for 3 h using a Clevenger type of apparatus. The constituents were analyzed by gas chromatography – mass spectrometry (GC/MS).The minimum inhibitory concentrations of the essential oils were determined for eight bacterial strains and three pathogenic fungi using agar dilution method.

Results: The constituents of G. rotundifolium oil were mainly oxygenated derivatives of mono- and sesquiterpenes; spathulenol (12.46 %), α-terpineol (4.65 %) and germacrene-D (3.71 %) were the most abundant. Those of H. villosum oil were predominantly sesquiterpenes (72.61 %) with caryophyllene oxide (19.01 %), humulene epoxide II (11.95 %), β-bourbonene (5.7 %), α-humulene (5.63 %) and β- caryophyllene (5.39 %) being more abundant. The oil of G. rotundifolium exhibited weak to moderate activity against the bacterial species but showed no activity against the test fungi. However, H. villosum oil showed very promising activity against all the test microorganisms (MIC 0.08 – 10.34 mg/mL).

Conclusion: The major components of G. rotundifolium essential oil were oxygenated derivatives of mono- and sesquiterpenes whereas those of H. villosum were sesquiterpenes. All tested microorganisms were susceptible to H. villosum oil.

Keywords: Geniosporum rotundifolium, Haumaniastrum villosum, Essential oils, Chemical composition, Antimicrobial activity


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