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Anti-anxiety effect of methanol extract of Pericarpium zanthoxyli using a strychnine-sensitive glycine receptor model

Tae Eun Kim, Jung Hwa Jung, Saehee Yoon, Sung-Jin Kim


Purpose: To determine if the methanol extract of Pericarpium zanthoxyli exerts anti-anxiety effects and also to explore any probable anti-anxiety mechanism in vivo.

Methods: The staircase test, elevated plus maze test, rota-rod treadmill test and convulsions induced by strychnine and picrotoxin on mice were tested to identify potential mechanism of anti-anxiety activity of the plant extract.

Results: The plant extract (10 mg/kg, p.o.) significantly reduced rearing numbers in the staircase test while it increased the time spent in the open arms as well as the number of entries to the open arms in the elevated plus maze test, suggesting that it has significant anti-anxiety activity. Furthermore, the extract inhibited strychnine-induced convulsion. However, it had little effect on picrotoxin-induced convulsion, suggesting that its anti-anxiety activity may be linked to strychnine-sensitive glycine receptor and not GABA receptor.

Conclusion: These results suggest that the Pericarpium zanthoxyli extract may be beneficial for the control of anxiety.

Keywords: Anti-anxiety, Pericarpium zanthoxyli, Glycine Receptor, GABA Receptor
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