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X-ray fluorescence spectroscopic determination of heavy metals and trace elements in aerial parts of Origanum sipyleum L from Turkey

Cenk Durmuşkahya, Hakan Alp, Zehra Sinem Hortooğlu, Ümit Toktas, Hüsniye Kayalar


Purpose: To determine the heavy metal and trace element composition of the powdered aerial parts of Origanum sipyleum L. and its water extract.

Methods: The heavy metal and trace elements content of the powdered plant material and 2 % aqueous extract were evaluated by x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy with silicon drift detector SDD at a resolution of 145 eV and 10,000 pulses. The process conditions were 0.1 g sample weight, process time of 300 s at a voltage of 25 kV and 50 kV, and at a current of 0.5 and 1.0 mA under helium atmosphere.

Results: The major elements, K, Ca and Na, known as macronutrients, constituted 11990, 10490 and 970 ppm of the powdered drug and 8910, 2991 and 810 ppm of the water extract, respectively. Among other constituents, arsenic, lead and uranium levels were < 1, 2.1 and < 3 ppm, respectively, in the powdered material while in the aqueous extract, the levels were < 1, < 2 and 200 ppm, respectively.

Conclusion: O. sipyleum is a potential source of macro- and micronutrients from which useful food additives and health supplements can be derived.

Keywords: Lamiaceae, Origanum sipyleum, Trace elements, Heavy metals, X-ray fluorescence
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