Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research

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Radioprotective effect and other biological benefits associated with flavonoids

Ya-Na Li, Wen-Bo Zhang, Jin-Hua Zhang, Ping Xu, Ming-Hua Hao


Ionizing radiation has the potential to cause extensive damage to living organisms. It can directly act on DNA, proteins and lipids, resulting in ionizing excitation and chemical bond cleavage, which can lead to molecular and cellular damage. Ionizing radiation can hydrolyze water molecules in the body, resulting in increased numbers of free radicals with strong oxidation ability. This process indirectly leads to tissue degeneration and necrosis, which can possibly result in cancer. In this paper, the intervention mechanism of flavonoids on ionizing radiation was analyzed. It has been revealed that the intervention mechanism associated with flavonoids may offer protective properties for DNA, prevent scavenging free radicals, and protect against auto-immune damage. In addition, this invention mechanism can protect the hematopoietic system and reduce inflammation

Keywords: Ionizing radiation, Flavonoids, Radioprotective mechanisms, Molecular and cellular damage, DNA, Hematopoietic system, Inflammation
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