Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research

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Moderating effects of contextual factors on relationship between pharmaceutical marketing strategies and physician prescription decision: A review

Mohsen Ali Murshid, Zurina Mohaidin, Goh Yen Nee


Decision–making by physicians on patients’ treatment has received increased  research attention. Research on the effect of marketing strategies on prescription behaviour has tended to generate controversial results. While some researchers reported a strong influence, some found only moderate effects, while others find no influence at all. The main objective of this paper is to review the influence of the marketing strategies by pharmaceutical firms and contextual factors on physician attitude to drug prescription. The paper presents comprehensive information on pharmaceutical marketing efforts through exhaustive review of relevant literature, and identifies the moderating effects of contextual factors on physician prescribing  decisions. It also presents a crucial conceptual model for explaining the theoretical linkages between marketing strategies of pharmaceutical firms, contextual factors and the decision of the physician regarding drug prescription.

Keywords: Drugs, marketing strategy, Physician prescription, Drug characteristics, Physician persistence, Cost/benefit
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