Immunomodulatory activity of methanol extract of Adansonia digitata L

  • Amrish Sharma
  • Vinod Rangari
Keywords: Adansonia digitata L., Immuno modulation, Delayed type hypersensitivity, Humoral Antibody titre, Phagocytic index


Purpose: To evaluate the immune-modulatory activities of various plant parts Adansonia digitata L. using delayed-type hypersensitivity rat model.

Methods: Defatted leaf, root bark and fruit pulp of A. digitata were extracted with methanol. Immunomodulatory activity of the methanol extracts (250 and 500 mg/kg) were evaluated in sheep RBC (SRBC)-induced delayed-type hypersensitivity model, cell mediated immune re-sponse and phagocytic activity using carbon clearance test.

Results: The extracts exhibited significant increase in delayed-type hypersensitivity reaction, indicating the ability of the extracts to stimulate T-cells. It also increased SRBC induced anti-body titer in immunesuppressed rats, and produced significant increase in phagocytic index by rapid removal of carbon particles from the blood stream.

Conclusion: These results indicate that methanol extracts of the leaf, root bark and fruit pulp of A. digitata hold promise as immunemodulatory agents.

Keywords: Adansonia digitata L.; Immuno modulation; Delayed type hypersensitivity; Humoral Antibody titre; Phagocytic index


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