Awareness and prevalence of metabolic syndrome among high-risk individuals attending internal medicine clinics across Jordan

  • Rania Efaishat
  • Rana Abu Farha
  • Eman Alefishat
Keywords: Prevalence, Metabolic syndrome, Jordan, Awareness, Risk factors


Purpose: To examine the prevalence and awareness of metabolic syndrome (MetS) in high-risk individuals attending 30 internal medicine clinics in Amman, Jordan, and also to evaluate the various factors associated with increased risk of MetS among them.

Methods: This retrospective cross-sectional study was carried out across Amman, Jordan from October to December 2014. During the study period, 900 high-risk individuals (with hypertension, diabetes, central obesity and/or dyslipidemia) were recruited from thirty internal medicine clinics in Amman, Jordan. Data collection forms were filled based on patient interview and medical case file.

Results: The prevalence of MetS among high-risk individuals was around 40 % (361/900), with around 79 % (284/361) of MetS patients unaware of their condition. Older age, lower income and family history of premature cardiovascular diseases were associated with a higher prevalence of MetS.

Conclusion: Although MetS was found to be highly prevalent among high-risk individuals in this study, the awareness of the condition in this group is very poor. These findings support the need for educational programs that involve both health care providers and patients. These programs should especially target those at risk of MetS, in order to improve awareness of the concept of MetS.

Keywords: Prevalence, Metabolic syndrome, Jordan, Awareness, Risk factors


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