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Identification of active anti-inflammatory principles of betabeta wood (<i>Lunasia amara</i> Blanco) from Siawung Barru- South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Hasnaeni Hasnaeni
Sudarsono Sudarsono
Arief Nurrochmad
Sitarina Widyarini


Purpose: To identify the anti-inflammatory components of beta-beta (Lunasia amara Blanco.) wood.

Methods: The wood material was extracted with 96 % ethanol and fractionated with dichloromethane using a liquid-liquid continuous extraction (LLCE). The fractions were subjected to silica gel column chromatography. Components of the extracts were identified by thin layer chromatography (TLC) scanner and UV-visible spectroscopy, using scopoletin as standard.

Results: TLC results for Lunasia amara extract showed the same spot as standard scopoletin. UVvisible spectrum for scopoletin displayed maximum absorption at 213, 228, 255 and 344 nm, while betabeta wood extract showed characteristic bands at 344, 336, 299 and 255 nm. The results indicate that the main components of the extracts are scopoletin and its derivatives.

Conclusion: The active anti-inflammatory compound in beta-beta (Lunasia amara) wood is scopoletin.

Keywords: Beta-beta wood (Lunasia amara Blanco.), Scopoletin, Thin layer chromatography

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