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Antibodies against Shigella flexneri adhesion molecule outer membrane protein (OMP) can cross-react with OMPs of some Shigella species

Alvi Milliana
A.S. Noorhamdani
Sri Poeranto
Kusworini Handono
Sumarno Reto Prawiro
Avin Ainur Fitrianingsih
Lailia Nur Rachma


Purpose: To identify a Shigella flexneri hemagglutinin outer membrane protein (OMP) as an adhesion factor and examine its ability to cross-react with the OMPs of other Shigella species.
Methods: OMP was isolated from the bacterium S. flexneri after shaving the pili  using a pili bacterial cutter in a solution of 0.5 % n-octyl-β-D-glucopyranoside. Hemagglutination was evaluated using mice erythrocytes. The molecular weight (MW) of the OMPs was profiled by SDS-PAGE. Adhesion molecules were identified by calculating the index of adhesion. Thereafter, antigen cross-reaction with  antibodies was examined by Western blotting,
Results: The S. flexneri adhesion molecule OMP has a MW of 28 kDa. An antibody against the 28 kDa S. flexneri OMP adhesion molecule cross-reacted with different MW OMPs from other Shigella species.
Conclusion: This study showed that the 28 kDa S. flexneri OMP is a hemagglutinin adhesion protein, and antibodies against it can cross-react with the OMPs of other Shigella species.

Keywords: Shigella flexneri OMP, Outer membrane protein, Protein adhesion, Antibody, Cross-reaction

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