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Overexpression of CFH gene in pterygiumv patients

Man-Seok Bang, Chang Rae Rho, Bong-Hui Kang, Kyong Jin Cho, Chung-Hun Oh


Purpose: To investigate the expression of complement factors in pterygium tissues compared to normal conjunctival samples, using next-generation RNA sequencing
Methods: Twenty pterygium and 20 healthy conjunctival samples were obtained from 19 patients who consented to pterygium excision and conjunctival autograft surgery. Tissues (pterygium and normal conjunctiva) were analyzed using next-generation RNA sequencing. Significant gene lists were obtained using DAVID, GSEA, and KEGG for enriched pathway analyses of differentially expressed genes. Realtime polymerase chain reaction was performed to validate differential expressions of complement factors.
Results: There was 3.15 ± 2.6, 3.21 ± 4.6, 3.03 ± 1.83, 4.28 ± 6.12, and 4.96 ± 1.89-fold increase in the expression of CFH, C2, C1QB, C1QC, and MASP1, respectively, in pterygium samples compared to normal conjunctival samples. Pterygium size correlated well with the expression of CFH, C1QB, C1QC and MASP1.
Conclusion: Alternative and lectin complement systems are activated in pterygia samples compared to normal conjunctival samples.

Keywords: Pterygium; Complement factor; RNA sequencing
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