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Effect of dry-heating with pectin on gelatinization properties of sweet potato starch

Mengxue Chen, Yuanyuan Guo, Fei Li, Jie Zeng, Guanglei Li


Purpose: To evaluate the effect of dry-heating with pectin at different dry heating temperatures, heating times and pH on the gelatinization properties of sweet potato starch.

Methods: The gelatinization properties of sweet potato starch - pectin blend were analyzed using a rapid viscosity analyzer (RVA), differential scanning calorimeter (DSC), and gel texture analyzer (TPA).

Results: The viscosity of the blends of sweet potato starches and pectin increased initially, and then decreased. Viscosity was highest at 120 °C, with a value of 744 cp. High viscosity values were also obtained after dry-heating for 2 and 7 h (540 cp and 639 cp, respectively). The enthalpy of the blend declined with increasing heat-treatment temperature from 3.973 J/g at 0 °C to 3.021 J/g at 150 °C. The initial (T0), peak (Tp), and terminal (Tc) gelatinization temperatures of the blends were all lower than corresponding values at 0 °C. Gelatinization enthalpy values gradually increased with increase in dryheating time and pH although they were still lower than for the control samples. In addition, as T0, Tp, and Tc values of the blend increased, the gelatinization temperature range became narrower. The hardness and viscosity of the blends increased initially, and then decreased after the dry-heat treatment. The hardness of treated samples was higher than that of control, and peaked at 130 °C, 4 h, and pH 11. The resilience of the blends attained a peak value after 2 h of dry-heat treatment at 120 °C and pH 9.

Conclusion: The results show that dry-heating with pectin is an effective way of improving the gelatinization and gel properties of sweet potato starch. This finding is considered significant for the developing of new modified starch from sweet potatoes.

Keywords: Sweet potato starch, Pectin, Dry heat, Gelatinization, Viscosity, Hardness, Enthalpy
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