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Effect of saffron oral capsule on anxiety and quality of sleep of diabetic patients in a tertiary healthcare facility in southeastern Iran: A quasi-experimental study

Hosien Shahdadi
Abbas Balouchi
Sadegh Dehghanmehr


Purpose: To determine the effect of oral capsule of saffron (a herbal medicine) on anxiety and quality of sleep of diabetic patients of a tertiary healthcare facility in Zabol, Iran in 2016.
Methods: This was a quasi-experimental study on 50 diabetics of Zabol who met the inclusion criteria. Participants were randomly split into two groups (control and test). Anxiety and quality of sleep were evaluated by Spielberger Anxiety Inventory and Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI). Participants in the intervention group received a daily (between 12 noon and 2 pm) intake of 300 mg saffron capsule after lunch while those in the control group received a placebo daily for a similar duration. After a week, anxiety and sleep quality were assessed.
Results: A significant difference in anxiety and quality of sleep prior to and after saffron oral capsule intake (p = 0.001) was observed. In the control group, anxiety and quality of sleep did not show any significant difference before and after intervention (p = 0.001).
Conclusion: The results show that saffron capsule intake is effective in reducing anxiety and improving the quality of sleep among diabetic patients. Further studies are required to enhance saffron capsule formulation.

Keywords: Anxiety, Blood glucose, Sleep, Diabetes mellitus

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