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Effect of JUNCAO-cultivated <i>Ganoderma lucidum</i> spent mushroom substrate-hot water extract on immune function in mice

Yanling Liu
Lan Mei
Jing Li
Annan Wang
Hailing Luo
Zhanxi Lin


Purpose: To evaluate the effect of JUNCAO-cultivated Ganoderma lucidum spent mushroom substratehot water extract (SMSG-HWE) on murine immunity.

Methods: Five groups of mice (n = 10) received water with 0.00, 0.14, 0.28, 0.84, or 1.68 g/kg of SWSG-HWE, respectively, orally for 30 days. Various biochemical parameters of serum and tissues, including spleen and thymus indices, were determined were determined for the mice

Results: The following markers were significantly higher in the 0.84 g/kg SMSG-HWE group than in the control group (all p < 0.05): splenic lymphocyte proliferation, a marker of cell-mediate immunity; dinitrofluorobenzene-induced delayed hypersensitivity; and the number of haemolytic plaque-forming cells, as a marker of humoral immunity. Phagocytic rate, which evaluates mononuclear-macrophage function as a marker of innate immunity, was significantly higher in both the 0.84 g/kg HWE and 1.68 g/kg SWSG-HWE groups, while phagocytic index was significantly higher in the 0.28 g/kg SWSG-HWE group, compared to the control group (all p < 0.05). Natural killer cell activity also was significantly enhanced in the 0.84 g/kg and 1.68 g/kg SWSG-HWE groups (p < 0.05).

Conclusion: These findings indicate that SWSG-HWE enhances murine immune function, and may be suitable as a potential additive in animal feed.

Keywords: Hot water extract, Cell-mediated immune function, Concanavalin A, Mononuclearmacrophage function, Haemolytic plaque, Humoral immunity, Innate immunity, Animal feed additive