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Development of fast-release piroxicam/polyethylene glycol capsules by solid dispersion and curing using full factorial design

Chamsai Benchawan, Samprasit Wipada


Purpose: To develop fast-release piroxicam (PRX) capsules by solid dispersion with polyethylene glycol (PEG) using melting and curing in a heated coating pan.
Methods: A full factorial design was conducted to investigate the main and interaction effects of molecular weight (4000 - 8000 Da) and amount (10 - 30 mg PEG to 10 mg PRX) on the dissolution rate of PRX. Temperature (50 - 70 °C) and duration of the curing process (15 - 45 min) were also systematically selected by factorial design.
Results: The molecular weight and amount of PEG significantly impacted on the dissolution rate of PRX (p = 0.04 and 0.01, respectively), while temperature and duration of the curing process were not significant effects (p = 0.10 and 0.17, respectively). Based on the results, a fast dissolution rate and burst release of PRX was obtained from capsules formulated by PRX/PEG 8000 (1:3 weight ratio) as a solid dispersion compared to the physical mixture and free drug. Furthermore, this capsule was in the acceptance range for the labeled amount, weight variation and disintegration time.
Conclusion: PRX/PEG melted solid dispersion capsule may be a suitable immediate release drug delivery system with improved dissolution rate and increased drug absorption.

Keywords: Capsules, Solid dispersion, Piroxicam, Polyethylene glycol, Fast release, Full factorial design
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