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Myricetin exerts potent anticancer effects on human skin tumor cells

Wei Sun, Youming Tao, Daojiang Yu, Tianlan Zhao, Lijun Wu, Wenyuan Yu, Wenya Han


Purpose: To evaluate the anticancer activity of myricetin against skin cancer A431 cell lines.
Methods: Cell viability was determined by MTT and colony formation assays. Apoptosis was determined by DAPI and annexin V/PI staining. Cell cycle, ROS and MMP analysis were performed by flow cytometry. Cell migration and invasion were assessed by Boyden Chamber assay, while protein expression was determined using western blotting.
Results: Myricetin showed considerable anticancer activity against skin A431 cancer cell lines. However, lower cytotoxic effects were observed in normal FR2 cells. The anticancer activity of myricetin was due to ROS-prompted alterations in mitochondrial membrane potential and initiation of apoptotic cell death. The expressions of Bcl-2 and Bax were altered in response to myricetin treatment. Myricetin also induced cell cycle arrest and suppressed the migration and invasion of A431 cells.
Conclusion: These results suggest that myricetin may be an important lead molecule for the development of a suitable treatment of skin cancer.

Keywords: Skin carcinoma, ROS, Apoptosis, Myricetin, Cell migration
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