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Inhibitory effect of Labisia pumila leaf extract on angiogenesis via down-regulation of vascular endothelial growth factor

Nozlena Abdul Samad, Muhammad Asif, Yasser M Tabana, Mohamed B Khadeer Ahmed, Aman Shah Abdul Majid, Amin Malik Shah Abdul Majid


Purpose: To investigate the anti-angiogenic activity of a methanol leaf extract of Labisia pumila (ME), and its bioactive water fraction (WF), using in vitro models.
Methods: The antioxidant activity and total phenolic contents of ME and WF were assessed using DPPH and Folin–Ciocalteu reagents. Antiproliferative effects of extracts towards human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVECs) were evaluated using MTT assay. Isolated rat aortic ring and matrigel tube formation assays were performed to assess the antiangiogenic potential of Me and its WF. Levels of VEGF protein in the cell lysates were measured using ELISA kit.
Results: Among all the extracts prepared, ME and its WF showed higher total phenolic contents and exhibited moderate antioxidant effects. Significant (p < 0.001) suppression of microvessels outgrowth with half-maximal concentration (IC50) values of 20 and 26 μg/mL for ME and WF, was observed in rat aortic ring assay. ME and its WF halted proliferation and tube formation capacity of HUVECs in in vitro assays. Marked reduction in VEGF levels was observed in lysates of HUVECs treated with ME and its WF.
Conclusion: Labisia pumila leaf extract and its water fraction halted angiogenesis by blocking VEGF secretion leading to inhibition of endothelial cells proliferation and differentiation which is suggested to be due to its phenolic antioxidant contents.

Keywords: Labisia pumila, Anti-angiogenesis, Antioxidant, Tube formation, Rat aorta
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