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Inhibitory effect of α-cyclodextrin on α-amylase activity

Min Wang, Qingsong Gou, Lingyi Liu, Zhan Wang, Zhenzhou Zhu, Fang Li, Wei Zhang, Wangyang Shen


Purpose: To explore the effect of α-cyclodextrin on the activity of α-amylase with a view to expanding its application range.
Methods: The concentration of α-cyclodextrin, temperature, pH and interaction time were used as single factors to explore the influence of α-cyclodextrin on the activity of α-amylase and endogenous fluorescence in the enzyme system.
Results: The results showed that the concentration, time, pH and temperature affect the interaction of them. The most obvious conditions for inhibition of α-amylase activity are as follows: 10 mmol/L concentration of α-cyclodextrin, pH 6.9, duration of 120 min and temperature at 55 oC. In addition, the fluorescence intensity of α-amylase changed as a result of the addition of α-cyclodextrin.
Conclusion: The activity of α-amylase can be inhibited by α-cyclodextrin. At the same time, the addition of α-cyclodextrin will lead to the transfer of tryptophan group in α-amylase, which cause the change of microenvironment and changes the endogenous fluorescence intensity of α-amylase.

Keywords: α-Cyclodextrin, α-Amylase, Fluorescence intensity, Inhibition

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