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Globularifolin inhibits CAMA-1 human breast cancer cell line via cell cycle arrest, apoptosis and inhibition of PI3K/AKT signalling pathway

Yu Chen, Zhenwu Wang, Mei Liu, Xiaodong Wang, Linghan Zhang, Can Gong


Purpose: To investigate the anticancer activity of globularifolin against CAMA-1 breast cancer cells.

Methods: The viability of CAMA-1 cells was assessed by MTT assay. DAPI and annexin V/PI staining were used for the determination of apoptotic cell death. Flow cytometry was employed for cell cycle analysis, while wound healing and immunoblotting assays were used to measure cell migration and protein expression, respectively.

Results: Globularifolin decreased the viability of CAMA-1 breast cancer cells dose-dependently, with half-maximal inhibitory concentration (IC50) of 10 μM, relative to its IC50 of 65 μM against non-cancerous CMMT breast cells. It also initiated apoptotic cell death and cell cycle arrest. Moreover, it inhibited the migration of CAMA-1 breast cancer cells, and PI3K/AKT signalling cascade.

Conclusion: These results suggest that globularifolin has promising potential for use in the treatment of breast cancer.

Keywords: Breast cancer, Globularifolin, Apoptosis, Cell cycle, Cell migration
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