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Picroside I inhibits asthma phenotypes by regulating Tbet/ GATA-3 ratio and Th1/Th2 balance in a murine model of asthma

Sen Zhang, Yuemei Lu, Jinhong Zheng, Hua Qin, Xiaoling Qiu, Haile Huang, Guangzhou Mo, Songrong Liang, Yaowei Zhang


Purpose: To examine the anti-asthmatic activity of picroside I in murine asthma model, and to elucidate the mechanism(s) involved.

Methods: The study involved systematic sensitization of acclimatized BALB/c mice with ovalbumin (OVA), and subsequent exposure to aerosol allergens. The effect of picroside I on associated IgE formation was determined. All assays were performed using standard protocols. Protein expression was assessed using western blotting.

Results: Picroside I inhibited allergic airway inflammation, AHR, and the production of OVA-associated IgE and Th2 cytokines. Moreover, it altered the T-bet/GATA3 ratio by suppressing the phosphorylation of STAT6 in a dose-dependent manner.

Conclusion: These results indicate that the anti-asthmatic effect of picroside I occurs via a mechanism involving inhibition of Th2 cytokines by suppression of the expressions of pSTAT6 and GATA-3, and upregulation of the expression of T-bet. Thus, picroside I is a promising agent for the management of asthma.

Keywords: Picroside, Asthma, Allergic response, IgE, GATA-3, pSTAT6
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