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Therapeutic efficacy of combined administration of thymosin and oxaliplatin in elderly gastric ulcer patients and its effect on cellular immunity and matrix metalloproteinase

Fang Lijuan
Li Yangfan
Zhang Lixiong


Purpose: To investigate the clinical efficacy of thymosin combined with oxaliplatin and tiggio in aged gastric cancer (GC) sufferers, as well as their impact on cellular immunity and matrix metalloproteinase.

Methods: Elderly GC sufferers (n = 82) were divided into study and control groups by random allocation (41 patients/group). Control group was treated with oxaliplatin combined with tiggio, while the study group was treated with thymopeptide injection, in addition to oxaliplatin combined with tiggio. Each treatment course lasted 21 days, and the study involved three courses. Clinical effectiveness and toxicity in the two groups were determined and compared before and after treatment.

Results: Total effectiveness in the study group (73.16 %) and disease remission (95.11 %) were superior to the corresponding values for control patients given oxaliplatin and tiggio (48.78 and 85.37 %, respectively, p ˂ 0.05). There were markedly lower incidences of nausea, vomiting and leukopenia in the study group than in control (p ˂ 0.05).

Conclusion: The use of thymosin-oxaliplatin-tigeo triple therapy for aged GC sufferers has a definite clinical benefits and low toxic side effects.

Keywords: Thymosin, Asha Leigh Per, Teggio, Gastric cancer, Cellular immunity, Matrix metalloproteinase