MiR-624-5p enhances cell resistance against cisplatin via PDGFRA/Stat3/PI3K axis in ovarian cancer

  • Lin I-Ju
  • Tian YongJie
Keywords: MiR-624-5p, resistance, cisplatin, PDGFRA/Stat3/PI3K, ovarian cancer


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the role of miR-624-5p in ovarian cancer.
Methods: MiR-624-5p expression in ovarian cancer {OC) cell lines and normal cells (NCs) was evaluated and compared the differential miR-624-5p in OC A2780 cells and cisplatin-resistant OC cell line (A2780/DDP). CCK-8 was used to evaluate changes in cell viability of the A2780 and A2780/DDP cell lines as well as silenced miR-624-5p. Western Blot examined the Stat3 and phosphorylated Pi3k. The binding between PDGFRA and miR-624-5p was predicted on Targetscan and verified through Luciferase Reporter Assay. The role of PDGFRA in A2780/DDP by overexpressing PDGFRA was evaluated by RT-qPCR and CCK-8 assays. RT-qPCR assay also measured miR-624-5p expression responsive to different dosages of cisplatin and CCK8 examined viability levels correspondingly. In addition, the interplay of PDGFRA and miR-624-5p by combined downregulation of both miR-624-5p
and PDGFRA were evaluated.
Results: OC cells had higher miR-624-5p expression than NCs but lower compared to cisplatinresistant A2780/DDP cells. A2780/DDP cells had higher viability than OC cell line A2780. Stat3 and phosphorylated PI3K were activated in A2780/DDP cells. Silencing miR-624-5p led to lower viability in
A2780/DDP cells. miR-624-5p expression dropped as the cisplatin concentration increased, resulting in decreasing viability respectively. Luciferase Reporter assay validated the binding of miR-624-5p and PDGFRA in A2780/DDP cells. Overexpressed PDGFRA induced lower cell viability in A2780/DDP cells. Downregulation of PDGFRA partially restored the lowered viability and inhibited Stat3 as well as phosphorylated Pi3k induced by miR-624-5p inhibitor.
Conclusion: MiR-624-5p could add to the cellular resistance to cisplatin in OC in-vitro model, which indicated that it might help unveil the mystery of drug-resistance in clinical stage of ovarian cancer.

Keywords: MiR-624-5p, resistance, cisplatin, PDGFRA/Stat3/PI3K, ovarian cancer


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