Picroside-I attenuated isoproterenol-induced heart damage via modification of cardio-morphology, infarct size and inflammatory cascade

  • Yi Hao
  • Zhixiong Cui
  • Shuang Zhang
  • Tong Liu
Keywords: Picroside-I, Isoproterenol, Infarct size, Inflammation, Apoptosis


Purpose: To study the effect of picroside-I (PIC-I) on isoproterenol (ISO)-induced heart damage in rats through determination of infarct size, antioxidant enzymes, cardiac/inflammatory and apoptotic markers, as well as cardio-morphology.
Methods: A total of 32 rats were divided equally into 4 groups. Rats in normal control group were treated with saline only, while myocardial infarction (MI) rat model was prepared by intraperitoneal (i.p.) injection of ISO at a concentration of 100 mg/kg. Rats pretreated with PIC-Iat dose 10 mg/kg (i.p) for 28 days and administered with isoproterenol. Another group of rats was administered only with PIC-I (10 mg/kg) for 28 days.
Results: After 28 days of pretreatment with PIC-I, there were significant increases in arterial blood pressure and cardiac antioxidants, as well as marked decreases in infarct size, cardiac markers, inflammatory markers and apoptotic markers in rats with ISO-induced heart damage, when compared with rats given ISO alone. Rats administered PIC-I showed better histology, with reduced necrosis and prominent cardiac fibers.
Conclusion: PIC-1 pre-treatment for 28 days significantly reversed elevations in infarct size, cardiac/inflammatory and apoptotic markers, and also improved antioxidant status and cardiac
morphology in rats with ISO-induced heart damage.

Keywords: Picroside-I, Isoproterenol, Infarct size, Inflammation, Apoptosis


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