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5, 7-Dihalo-8-quinolinol complex inhibits growth of ovarian cancer cells via the downregulation of expression of Wip1

Rao Zhiwei
Xia Songbai
Han Qi


Purpose: To assess the cytotoxic effect of 5, 7-dihalo-8-quinolinol complex (DHQ) on ovarian cancer cells, and the mechanism of action involved.
Methods: DHQ-mediated changes in cell viability were determined using MTT assay, while apoptosis was analyzed with flow cytometry. The effect of DHQ on cell migration was determined using inverted microscopy, while its effect on invasiveness was assessed with Giemsa dyeing. FACS Calibur
instrumentation was employed for analyzing the effect of DHQ on the cell cycle. The protein expressions of Wip1 and P53 were assayed by western blotting.
Results: DHQ induced cytotoxicity against A2780 and OVCAR 3 cells in the concentration range of 0.25 - 12 μM (p < 0.05). In A2780 and OVCAR 3 cells, treatment with 12 μMDHQ resulted in 69.34 and 65.46 % apoptosis, respectively. The migratory potential and invasiveness of A2780 and OVCAR3 cells were significantly decreased by 12 μMDHQ, relative to untreated cells (p < 0.05). Moreover, treatment with 12 μMDHQ arrested cell cycle at G1/G0 phase in A2780 and OVCAR3 cells, but downregulated the protein expressions of Wip1 expression in A2780 and OVCAR3 cells.
Conclusion: DHQ exerts cytotoxic effect on ovarian cancer cell growth via arrest of cell cycle and activation of apoptosis. Moreover, DHQ inhibits the migratory and invasive abilities of the cells. Thus, DHQ is a potential drug candidate for the management of ovarian cancer.

Keywords: 5,7-Dihalo-8-quinolinol complex, Ovarian cancer, Cytotoxicity, Apoptosis, Invasiveness, Migration, Cell cycle