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Quinolinol-platinum (II) complex suppresses survival and invasion of laryngeal cancer cells via targeting YESassociated protein expression

Baotong Xie
Tao Li


Purpose: To investigate the anti-proliferative potential of quinolinol-platinum (II) complex {QN-Pt (II)} in laryngeal cancer cells.
Methods: The inhibitory potential of QN-Pt (II) on the proliferation of laryngeal cancer cells was determined using 2H-tetrazolium, 2-(4,5-dimethyl-2-thiazolyl)-3,5-diphenyl bromide (MTT) and colony formation assays. Inhibition of cell migration was determined using wound-healing assay, while changes in LC3-II and p62 expressions were assessed by western blotting.
Results: QN-Pt (II) inhibited the viability of TU212 and M4e laryngeal cancer cells in the concentration range of 2 to 10 μM (p < 0.05). Moreover, it  suppressed the colony formation potential and migration of TU212 and M4e cells. The QN-Pt (II) treatment increased the proportion of TU212 and M4e cells in G1/G0 phase of the cell cycle, but decreased the cell proportion in S and G2/M phase (p < 0.05). Treatment with 10 μM QN-Pt (II) increased the expression of LC3-II, but downregulated P62 expression in TU212 and M4e cells. The expression of Yes-associated protein was inhibited in TU212 and M4e cells on treatment with QN-Pt (II). However, transfection of YAP-cDNA into TU212 and M4e cells reversed the inhibitory effect of QN-Pt (II) on cell proliferation (p < 0.05). Moreover, YAP-cDNA transfection suppressed LC3II expression, inhibited YAP phosphorylation and promoted P62 expression in QN-Pt (II)-treated TU212 and M4e cells (p < 0.05).
Conclusion: QN-Pt (II) suppresses laryngeal cancer cell viability via arrest of cell cycle and activation of apoptosis. Moreover, QN-Pt (II) targets Yes-associated protein in laryngeal cancer cells. Thus, QN-Pt (II) is a potential therapeutic agent for laryngeal cancer.

Keywords: Laryngeal cancer, YAP-protein, Apoptosis, Phosphorylation, Therapeutic agent

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