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Denatonium benzoate decreases the effect of histamine <i>in vitro</i> and in rats

Plamen I. Zagorchev
Vesela Yu Kokova
Elisaveta G. Apostolova
Milena N. Draganova-Filipova


Purpose: To evaluate the effect of denatonium benzoate (DB) in histamine-induced model of inflammation and the effect of the selective H1 receptor agonist (2-(2-Pyridyl) ethylamine) on rat gastric smooth muscle strips pretreated with DB.
Methods: The anti-inflammatory effect of DB was evaluated in vivo on histamine-induced rat paw edema. In vitro studies on spontaneous muscle contraction were performed on smooth muscle strips isolated from rat gastric corpus.
Results: The results showed a well-defined anti-inflammatory effect of DB (15 mg/kg) during the early stage of rat paw edema at the 15th (p < 0.001), 30th (p < 0.01) and 60th min (p < 0.001) compared to control. In vitro experiments indicated reduced spontaneous contractile activity of smooth muscle strips to H1 receptor agonist in the presence of DB (0.5 μM). The vascular effects of histamine are mediated by H1 receptors. Substances, which reduce the effect of histamine on the H1 receptors could influence the early stage of histamine-induced inflammation.
Conclusion: The results show that the anti-inflammatory activity of DB probably is related to its antagonistic activity on histamine H1 receptors. The results would contribute to the search for new antiinflammatory drugs.

Keywords: Denatonium benzoate, Inflammation, Histamine, Muscle contraction

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