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Anticancer activity of okra raw polysaccharides extracts against human liver cancer cells

Suhailah Hayaza
Sri Puji Astuti Wahyuningsih
Raden Joko Kuncoroningrat Susilo
Adita Ayu Permanasari
Saikhu Akhmad Husen
Dwi Winarni
Hunsa Punnapayak
Win Darmanto


Purpose: To examine raw polysaccharides extract of okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L.) as an anticancer agent against human liver cancer cells.

Methods: Okra raw polysaccharide extract (ORPE) was obtained by ethanol extraction from the raw fruit. Huh7it cells were grown in DMEM (Dulbecco's Modified Eagle Medium) and cultured for 24 h prior to treatment with the extract. The cell culture was divided into 3 groups, viz, negative control group (KN), positive control group (KP, treated with 10 μg/mL doxorubicin), and ORPE (P) group. ORPE group was divided into 5 subgroups based on the dose used for treatment, viz, 50 (P1), 100 (P2), 200 (P3), 400 (P4), and 600 µg/mL (P5). Huh7it cell proliferation was measured by MTT assay. while measurement of Huh7it cell apoptosis, necrosis, and cell cycle analysis were carried out using Annexin V FITC-PI antibody test and flow cytometry.

Results: ORPE significantly inhibited Huh7it cell proliferation and induced apoptosis. ORPE treatment with 600 µg/mL extract caused 5.82 % late cell apoptosis and 5.62 % early apoptosis. Cell cycle arrest occurred during G0/G1 phase.

Conclusion: ORPE is a potential anticancer agent against human liver cancer cells due to its ability to induce apoptosis of huh7it cells by promoting cell cycle arrest during G0/G1 phase.

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